THURSDAY October 17th at 7pm: THE SEALED BOOK

"tales of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief"

Description:The sound of the great gong heralds another strange and exciting tale from... The Sealed Book.Tonight the mysteriously keeper of the book has opened the ponderous door to the secret vault wherein is kept the great Sealed Book, in which is recorded all the secrets and mysteries of mankind through the ages... Here are tales of every kind, tales of murder, of madness, of dark deeds strange and terrible beyond all belief.

THE HANDS OF DEATH A dark story of two brothers, one of them killed because he could not help himself. The other one was interested in murder too… but in a very different way. THE GHOST MAKERS The strange story of two scoundrels who would stop at nothing for money. DEATH AT STORM HOUSE The strange story of a beautiful woman. Whose jealousy was so great that even the grave could not give her peace. Based on Radio Plays from the show "The Sealed Book", c. 1945

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