THURSDAY June 27th at 7pm: Monsters & Myth - HECATE pt2

"Death can be outwitted but never overcome"
Monsters & Mythology

Hecate, Queen of the Harpies. Sprung from the bowels of the Underworld, this leather-winged monster torments the enemies of Hades. Chief among these enemies are Orpheus, the poet whose songs call souls to life, Asclepius, son of Apollo and heir to that god's medical skills, and Telesphora, who possesses a healing touch. Each separately falls victim to Hecate's cruel schemes, but together they frustrate her efforts to deprive the mortal world of its two most divine practices, poetry and medicine. The tale of Hecate depicts a world where pain and suffering threaten human love, and where death can be outwitted but never overcome. It is also a world in which compassion undoes cruelty, joy supersedes rancor, and courage sustains human endeavors into death's mysterious realm. Here, then, are the great contraries of human existence -- encompassed in the world of myth.

Book: Monsters & Myth - HECATE Author: Bernard Evslin

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