THURSDAY July 11th at 7pm: Monsters & Myth - THE SPHINX pt1

"A former queen fights to save her life and the life of her true love"
Monsters & Mythology

The Sphinx, a horrifying flying creature with the body of a lion, the head of a woman, the wings of an eagle, and brass talons that can rip an armored giant to shreds. After Hecate, Queen of the Harpies, retires in order to marry the lame little poet, Thallo, Hades plans a way to bring Hecate back into his realm. The Lord of the Dead summons the Sphinx and orders her to kill Thallo, thus giving Hecate no reason to leave her grisly post. But the Evil One also knows that Hecate will fight to save her love -- which just might lead to a riotously enjoyable bloodfest! Meanwhile, Demeter, Lady of the Harvest, is threatening to cast a famine across the land unless she gets back her daughter, Persephone, who has been abducted by Hades. Receiving no help from the bribed King of the gods, the turns to Charon, the master ferryman, and together they attempt to do the impossible and rescue the April Child from the most murderous of beasts. Amid flying hags with stingray whips, hundred-handed giants, a ravenous three-headed dog, and wingless dragons that spit blue flame, a former queen fights to save her life and the life of her true love. Hecate and the Sphinx thus become entangled in one of the greatest battles ever witnessed, with the loser destined to languish forever in the Eternal Fate.

Book: Monsters & Myth - THE SPHINX Author: Bernard Evslin

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