THURSDAY January 31st at 7pm: MOANA pt4

"Go Beyond The Reef!"
Caledonia & Shandon together! Presenting this magnificent story just for you, taken directly from the movie..
..only better, cuz it's us! And You!

The young girl Moana, from the island of Motunui, has been chosen to restore life to all living things, by returning the heart of Te Fiti that the demi-God Maui stole. Moana found Maui and enlisted his help, but only if she agreed to help him regain his magic fishhook, without which Maui doesn’t have his magic powers. The pair had to first defeat the dreaded Kakamora pirates, and then steal Maui’s hook back from the giant crab Tamatoa. Unfortunately, Maui is waaay out of practice with his fish hook and keeps turning himself into things he doesn’t mean to. We join our heroes now as they make their way to the island of Te Fiti to return the heart. Along the way Moana has coerced Maui to practice his magic so that he will be ready for the showdown with Te Ka the lava monster. Book based on the Disney movie

"I’ve got your back, chosen one. Go save the world"

Book: The Story of Moana - A Tale of Courage and Adventure
Author: Disney Adapted by: Kari Sutherland

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